The Wisdom of Children

One of my students shared this on our class Ning. I had to share it with you. This little boy from Nebraska called into his local Christian radio station. It was recorded and shared in a church and a church member got the recording and shared it on youtube. Now, millions have seen this little boy’s testimony. I am humbled and amazed.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this, Vicky. God does understand, and He surely speaks to children. I think children are sometimes better able to hear His voice than we who are adults. I want my own faith to be more child-like and less inhibited by “sophistication”.

    By the way, I’m always delighted to see a post from this blog waiting in my reader. I pray that God will encourage you and renew your strength and your enthusiasm as you serve Him in all the arenas of your life in 2008. –paulhami

  2. Vicki,
    My name is Joe McConda. I am taking a graduate class for a masters program in educational technology. I was reading one of your blogs in cool cat for my class, and I noticed in your profile that you were a Christian and that you were “not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.” I, too am a Christian and so is my beautiful wife, Terri. I went to this blog site because I also love God’s word. I know this is a women’s Sunday School class, but I know my wife will like it. I just wanted to tell you that God encouraged me as I read your blog and saw that you are very adept in all the things that we are learning about in this class (blogs, gators, wiki etc.)and you are using them for the glory of God and His purposes. We live in KY and my wife is a teacher in a high school here. I teach math at a juvenile correctional facility across the river in Ohio. I have been very discouraged lately, but your work has really encouraged me.

  3. Wow, what a powerful and touching conversation.

    Thanks for sharing.

    That kid gets it! I’m now a tad bit more encouraged about the next generation, or at least by what God can do through them.

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