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The Face of Missions: 410,000 meals a day for Hurricaine Ike and No Way to Donate on Facebook!

Hurricaine Ike has so many people displaced, I just got this in my inbox from the SBC:

Caison said SBC DR feeding teams are committed to serve 250,000 meals a day for The American Red Cross and another 160,000 meals a day for The Salvation Army — for a total commitment of 410,000 meals per day.
State units activated, en route, staging or on-site in Texas include:

Texas–SBTC Texas–TBM Virginia–SBCV Virginia–VBMB
Louisiana California Florida North Carolina
South Carolina Arkansas Alabama Georgia
Michigan Tennessee Illinois Arizona
Iowa Kentucky Mississippi New Mexico
Northwest Utah/Idaho

410 thousand people who are needing meals!  Think of the families who have loved ones staying with them and churches and other organizations who are serving and helping!   We fed 2500 a day here after our tornadoes and I cannot even imagine what they are doing.

So, the question is, what can we do to help? 
Well, since I have some friends who are experts on raising money using Facebook, I was all ready to add it to my facebook page to help raise money for the cause, however, what I found was an unclaimed page, and several SBC causes by people who don’t look like they work for the Southern Baptist Convention At All!

What is the problem?  If my friend, Beth Kanter, can raise $2500 in a thirty minute presentation for Cambodian Orphans, can I  not raise money to feed 410,000 people right here at home!  So, I sent this letter to the SBC disaster unit, a group that is probably too busy to “mess with” this, however, I am helpless to do anything to help.

“I want to help raise money for what is happening with this on facebook, but the SBC has not set up an official “cause” so I can promote it and get donations! 

Please, is there someone on staff that could set this up — the other “causes” are not by official members of the SBC and I’m concerned money is being raised without it going to the SBC.

I have a friend who raised $2500 for cambodian orphans in 30 minutes at a conference — and we should be using facebook to raise money for the work of the SBC.  Please help!

See – http://apps.new.facebook.com/causes/10495?recruiter_id=10280939 and someone w/ a facebook there needs to click on this page and claim it:


So, does anyone know someone at the Southern Baptist Convention that I can reach to help solve this problem? This is frustrating!

I went to the “technology channel” for information on integrating technology into ministry and this was the page I got!

OK, SBC, I love you, but we have some work to do on the technology side.  Why not harness the thousands of technologically savvy out here to help with this sort of thing?  A new way to be a missionary.  Technology missionaries who live at home, support themselves and help on the weekends and nights.

We are to be everywhere for the name of Christ and that includes Facebook.

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