Cool Cat Christian’s Links of the Day 09/14/2008

  • Remember The Milk – Blog

    How to add your remember the milk tasks to netvibes. I use the igoogle widget, but the netvibes widget is very powerful also — you’ll get more out of this handy tool if you add it to your start page. It is much easier to work with this way because the add feature is much better than in remember the milk.

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  • Remember The Milk – Help / FAQ / Sharing & Publishing / How do I share a list with a contact?

    Remember the Milk has very powerful ways to share lists. We spent some time setting up our list for Flat Classroom, Digiteen, and the conference in remember the milk. If you have a virtual team, I highly suggest that you set up a list. There are many services, but this is my favorite. Go through this and click next – this is how we did it.

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  • K-12 Online Conference 2008 Marketing Flyer on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

    K12 online marketing flyer — this is going to be so exciting!

    The K12 online conference is a FREE conference for people who teach kids at the K12 level. You’ll find tons of great information about how to teach today’s kids and information on new tools and classroom best practice. Julie and I are working with the strand “kicking it up a notch” and are very excited!

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