Excellent Sermon Series on Grace from Max Lucado

It has been a while but I know there are some of you out there that still follow this blog.

I wanted to pass along one of the best series of sermons I’ve ever seen from Max Lucado called “What Happens When Grace Happens.”

Kip and I are watching it on a box called the “Roku box” that streams from the web over our home wi-fi to our TV and we found Max Lucado there under Oak Hills Church.

My favorite sermon was “You Can Rest Now” and in the first 5-10 minutes my husband and I literally felt ourselves relaxing from the many burdens that we have been feeling. Kip went to sleep that night and slept like a baby. In this day and age of rules and regulations coming from so many sides and in the spirit of Easter – it is time to “get real.” It is worth a watch. You can also subscribe over vimeo which I believe is available for the Ipad/ iPhone, etc.

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