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I go to the cross when I am alone
Jesus hold me as I groan.

I go to the cross when all is a loss
Jesus meet me near the cross.

I go to the cross when there is no hope
Jesus show me how to cope.

I go to the cross when there’s no one to care
Jesus be my consult when life’s not fair.

I also go to the cross when I laugh
when I smile, and when I dance

when I jump and when I’m up —
He’s there in joy with a loving cup.

But the cross is where we go in pain
when we are close to death and life’s no gain.

For He went to the cross all alone
He languished there as He groaned.

He went to the cross and counted all a loss
Jesus saved me near the cross.

He went to the cross as His friends lost hope
He helped a despondent thief to cope.

His best friends ran and didn’t care
He didn’t deserve to be there. It wasn’t fair.

So when the world does these things to me
I’m there at the cross – in Divine company.

by Vicki Davis

One comment on “Cross

  1. Dear Vicki,

    At the end of a long semester, I am feeling that way, too. But the Lord will sustain us.

    Thanks for all that you do for us who follow you online; you are a blessing.

    Dave Lambert
    US History prof
    Azusa Pacific University

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