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A New Direction Here: We’re Now Cool Cat Christian!

OK, this change has been brewing for quite some time.

I’m so tired of many mainstream Christians demonizing the new tools like blogs, wikis, and even 3D worlds like Second Life.  I have friends holding Bible Studies in Second Life and people can come to them there that could NEVER do it in “real life.”  (For those of you who don’t know what second life is, it is a virtual world almost like a video game — but NOT a video game — if you say it is, there are people who will become very angry.)

So, I’ve felt like I needed to take the many tools I’m teaching in my classroom and bring them to Christians around the world.  You may find SOME similar content with Cool Cat Teacher, but not always.

I want to have a place where Christians can know about the tools and also find some inspiration.  I’m not a theologian, but my Best Friend is.

Flawed human though I be, knowing and understanding technology is one of those things that I was born to do.  Jesus Christ is my Best Friend and Savior and I HAVE TO SHARE HIM.

The truth is, we have a way to reach this whole planet if Christians would take to their keyboards.  You can literally blog and reach the deepest darkest jungle that has internet access. 

Do we always get through the filters?  No, of course not.  However, we should also use these tools in our professional lives and behave in such ways as for people to ask what is different about us.  Online spaces need kindness, love, and patience… particularly during this heated election season.  So many people are angry and acting unkindly it is bothersome!

I always tell educators that I feel that it is our job to civilize the Internet — we are to bring forth the rules and how we should act kindly and with love.  Well, that message is for Christians too.  We are to be the salt and light of the Internet.

Do not demonize the tools.  They burned books in the Middle Ages and yet, books have brought the gospel to many places that humans couldn’t go!  These tools are our friend and not the devil incarnate.

I’ve been asked how I could be a Christian and blog.  Some dissapproval by non family members has slowed my blogging over here.  But I tell you, I’m done with that.

This is my Christian Blog where I will share my faith, cool technology tools, and yes, even some things about teaching that apply to teaching Sunday School and Missions because I teach teenagers BOTH of those things right now.

I live and breathe teenagers — both at school, at home, and at church.  And if you want to connect, you’d better learn to text message, use online tools, and get a facebook just in case.  I connect with my former pastor on Facebook and enjoy the connection.  I admire him more because he uses it!

Who are the people I don’t admire?
People who mistake a new tool for a new message.  We are sharing the Ancient of Days, the old message with new tools. And if we don’t, the very widgets we use will have to do it for us. 

Bloggers, Second Lifers, wiki-ers, and any other web 2.0 people should be encouraged by their churches and allowed to happen.  And yet, it is something that people in authority don’t understand.  Blogging means that I can connect with any Christian anywhere that has Internet, and the number is growing daily.

In my opinion every church should have a blog, a subscribable Google Calendar, and perhaps even a private planning wiki.  Youth groups should set up private networks on Ning for their youth ministers and youth to connect, discuss and plan things. (Sort of like a private Sunday School room on the Net.)  Pay the $5 and take the ads off.

Definitely, larger churches should be setting up places in Second Life and broadcast their services into there. 

I’m not quite worked through all the issues and criticism I’ve gotten for embracing these tools.  I will say this — my feet, my hands, my fingers, my toes– all that I am and all that I have are HIS to use.  His to direct.  His to teach and use to take the gospel to the world.

And when He says to, He means it.  It doesn’t mean that on my other blogs that I have to “beat people over the head” with my faith — my faith is there, it is part of my life and it does come out sometimes.  I’m going to spend my time dedicated to being the very best in the world at what I do, with God’s help and calling and let Him handle the rest.

Does this blog hurt my professional career — I guess it could.  However, if I’m passed over because of being  a Christian, then, that will be another little tiny glimmer on the crown when I kneel before the throne one day.

I love the Lord and I love the people He made and put on this planet.  I am to be his hands and feet and not his instrument of judgement.  I will share with all who ask and will listen.

Can you?

8 Comments on “A New Direction Here: We’re Now Cool Cat Christian!

  1. Vicki This is a beautiful post and as a fellow teacher, Christian and technology lover, I admire you for it. Thanks for all the ways you inspire so may people.

  2. @Rachel – Thanks for stopping by. It is tough sometimes to talk about being a christian – it has cost me readers before, but I cannot be ashamed of the gospel of Christ, lest he be ashamed of me!

    Thank you – I’ve been debating a while on renaming this blog to the cool cat family but today I bit it off and did it! I want to take a little different approach but wanted to keep all of my old content.

  3. Hi Vicki,
    I’ve been following your Cool Cat Teacher blog for some time and you have been an inspiration. I’m the technology director for Currituck County Schools in NC.

    It is great to see you sharing your faith through the Cool Cat Christian Blog. I don’t know how you find the energy to blog so prolifically. I sometimes struggle to keep mine going.
    I’ve been working with churches for a little over a year now on the issues of cyberspace and ministry. I blog about these issues on

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks, Vicki. As a teacher at a Christian school, and as a believer, I often feel caught between all the potential I see for communication and creativity by using the internet, and the fears that so many have about protecting their children from the dangers. I appreciate your blog, and how you use these tools so effectively without compromising your faith.

  5. @maurice – Thanks!
    @karen – As Christians and teachers we should be leading the way and civilizing things. Everything has a good and poor use and it is important to use things well — to praise Christ. I always think of the verse about the rocks and hills crying out if we do not praise the Lord, they will. I feel the same about these new tools. God deserves praise and we should do it and share what He has done, even if it means inevitable ridicule as can happen from a public blog.

    @mrs. Martin – Thank you!

    @pobriant – One reason I believe in keyboarding. My Mom was a business ed teacher and taught me to type when I was 5 — I type 128 words per minute– so I’m more prolific than most but may not spend more time!

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