Who Do You Trust? How to add People You Trust to Igoogle.

I’ve been going through a powerful study by Beth Moore in my quiet time called Breaking Free.   On page 124, she wrote something I love:

I want to share something about women who live free that I hope will be encouraging.  Most of them have experienced a serious stronghold or hindrance they have fought to overcome.

How do I know? Because every person I’ve met who really seems liberated to love, enjoy, and obey God as a lifestyle has been on the battlefield.  They usually appreciate and apply victory more readily because they’ve experienced the misery of defeat first hand.

I rarely meet a person who has come to trust God fully without painfully confronting the fact that she can’t trust herself.  Freedom Never Comes Easy.”  p 124, Beth Moore.

This has been a great study for me, and I’m so excited, as I was writing this, I found Beth’s blog.

Keeping Up With Blogs from People You Trust

If you don’t know how to add this to an “RSS reader,” I highly suggest that you:

  1. Sign up for Google Reader and then 
  2. Drag the subscribe button onto your toolbar.  
  3. Then, go to Beth’s blog and click “subscribe.  (You can also do that with this page).
  4. Finally, if you use igoogle, you should consider adding Google Reader to your homepage.

If you don’t have a google account, this blog gives a pretty good overview of how to do this.

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