When dreams die

“There is many a thing which the world calls disappointment, but there is no such a word in the dictionary of faith. What to others are disappointments are to believers intimations of the way of God.” John Newton

We all have dreams. When we get married to prince or princess charming, they are (almost) perfect in every way. The Cinderella story is ours and ours alone and we will dance through life with our feet barely touching the ground. And then one day we wake up and realize that we’ve married a human being who isn’t perfect and has hurt or disappointed us. That is the way it is with dreams.

People dream of fame. Then they crumble under the flash of the paparazzi. People dream of money. Then they lay awake at night figuring out what to do with it and wondering if those around them like them or their money more!

Dreams are never what they seem. But one thing is for sure, when the dream bubble bursts and we are faced with reality, we should cling to fellow Christians.

Carl G. Conner tells this story:

“A few winters a go, heavy snows hit North Carolina. Following a wet, six-inch snowfall, it was interesting to see the effect along Interstate 40.

Next to the highway stood several large groves of tall, young pine trees. The branches were bowed down with the heavy snow- so low that branches from one tree were often leaning against the trunk or branches of another.

Where trees stood alone, however, the effect of the heavy snow was different. The branches had become heavier, but without the other trees to lean against, the branches snapped. They lay on the ground, dark and alone in the cold snow.

When the storms of life hit, we need to be standing close to other Christians. The closer we stand, the more we will be able to hold up.”

We must also remember, that our greatest support is Jesus Christ. Even though we may feel alone, He and other Christians can help us stay up when our burden is too heavy to bear.

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