Tuareg and VBS: Not Abandoned by God

Today I received some prayer requests from our missionaries to the Tuareg People. This beautiful people group is an unreached people group in Africa. As you pray for these missionaries, just call them Mr. and Mrs. T. (for Tuareg), we keep their names secret for security sake.

  • The missionaries ask for prayer as they work to speak the Tamashek language. Pray for God to help them learn the language quickly.
  • A few new believers were baptized this past Friday. With only 181 known Christians in this people group of hundreds of thousands, they face difficulties and struggles beyond what we understand. Pray for God to speak to them and to help them stay strong in the faith.
  • These missionaries have been so busy that they haven’t been having a day of rest. They are trying to rest on Saturdays and we need to pray that they will have rest.
  • The team is meeting to plan and write strategies for 2007. We need to pray for God to direct them and give them discernment. The harvest is so great and the workers are so very few. Let them see that God’s perfect will is best.
  • Student volunteers are coming this summer and we need to pray for them.
  • These missionaries are praying for volunteer prayer walking teams to come to their location the end of this year. Pray for God to encourage and send those He has called to do His work.
  • Continue to pray for the salvation of the Tuareg people.

  • Ask the Lord to give us boldness
  • in sharing His Word even if our language is not great.

  • O
  • ur granddaughter will be 17 months old today. Pray for her and her parents.

  • Pray for our house worker and our guardians
  • to be more open to hearing about our faith.

  • May we be faithful in spending lots of time in prayer
  • in order to seek our Father’s will.

  • Pray for us as we do needs assessment and make contacts regarding doing some hunger relief this year.

These are very real prayer needs from our mission field this week! They have work to do and so do we. Will you join me in printing out these requests and taking them to our Father as we pray?

Reasons you should pray for the Tuareg:

  • To Show God’s power that these people aren’t “abandoned by God”

They were given the name “Tuareg” because they were one of the last tribes to convert to the Muslim faith. Fiercely independent, many of them have been forced to abandon the nomadic lifestyle and setting the cities where they do not feel comfortable. They will find that our God will not abandon them if we pray for God to intervene. What a witness to the World!

Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.”

  • They are physically and spiritually hungry.

There is increasing hunger in the regions where they live and many of the young boys who work in fields eat only every three days. More than this, there is a hunger for the word of God and a danger for Christians who share their faith openly. It is our responsibility to pray for this uttermost part of the earth as well as to remain faithful in our Jerusalem of our own hometown.

  • The key to securing more workers is to PRAY!

Luke 10:2
Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.

Your prayers are also needed at home: your neighborhood Vacation Bible School
The workers truly are few. We are preparing for Bible School in Camilla, Georgia and are one of the only daytime Bible schools left in southwest Georgia. Each year we have around 180 children and a dwindling number of workers. Seven years a go we had 125+ workers, last year we had 60. We are experiencing increasing obstacles to workers helping us. We are praying for people to volunteer and be faithful and if we cannot find enough workers here for God to help that He will send some people to help! Please pray for the VBS plans of our church and other churches who are planning now.

Volunteer for your Vacation Bible School. You can do decorations, work with publicity. This is your home town mission trip!

Lord, please be with Mr. and Mrs. T. Help them to master the Tamasheq language. Be with them and give them YOUR vision for working in their area. Guide and keep them safe and open doors with the guards and houseworkers. Give them Sabbath rest and quality time in prayer. Be with the new believers and strengthen them. Lord God, encourage them in Africa as they labor and encourage us here at home as we work to labor for you in Vacation Bible School. You know the obstacles. Our job is to be faithful and Your job is to convict, may I not get in the way of your conviction. Guide us and keep us. Let the harvest be great! Encourage and help us! We love you, Lord. In Jesus name. Amen.

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