Pull up a chair and have a talk

“Then king David went in and sat before the Lord and he said, ” 2 Samuel 7:18

This is comforting to me. Often, I have had the best prayers of my life sitting.

I do often kneel to pray because somewhere somehow I have gotten the impression that tells God of my humility and need for him. However, isn’t the simple act of prayer saying that.

I pray lying down in my bed and seated at the supper table and even doing the laundry (those are often cries for help — hee hee!)

But here we see “the man after God’s own heart” after receiving the “Davidic Covenenant” that Jesus would be in his lineage in verses 8-16, coming in to sit down and pray.

I have known people who had things wrong with their knees who could not kneel at certain times and events and apologized. Somehow I wonder if people made them feel like less because they couldn’t.

I find this comforting because sometimes I just want to sit before the Lord and have a talk. I believe this verse releases me to do so without feeling that twinge of guilt that perhaps I am not giving my best prayer because I’m not on my knees or face.

I think there is a time and place for each, however, I believe it is not the state of the body which man sees (many people pray with face towards heaven, eyes closed, and hands lifted, do they not?) but rather the state of the heart.

This is about me and God — no one else. Please, do not make the mistake that I have for many years of discounting the prayers I have prayed while seating on my round bottom.

Lord, I am here with all of my heart. May my prayers be pleasing incense to you and my body is here in humble contrition. In Jesus name. Amen.

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