Note from a dying miner, Sabbath rest

Today I’ve taken a Sabbath rest, begun reading on a new Christian biography and read some blogs of Christian bloggers I admire.

I do want you to see the post from Espresso Roast about one of the miner’s final notes. I am quoting from his blog:

“TALLMANSVILLE, West Virginia (CNN) — ‘It wasn’t bad just went to sleep.’

Those were the words that 51-year-old Martin Toler Jr. scrawled on a piece of paper in a note to his family, as he was dying in the darkened Sago coal mine where he and 11 other miners perished after an explosion early Monday.

‘Tell all I see them on the other side JR I love you,’ wrote Toler, a section foreman who had spent 32 years working in coal mines.

Several people commented that he meant to say that “Tell all I will see them on the other side.” I do not think so. Here is a copy of my comment on the post.

In the distress of the moment knowing that these were the last words he’d ever write — I believe this man wrote exactly the words he wanted to say — no more no less.

I believe he said “I see them on the other side” precisely because that is what he saw. There is story after story of experiences at the time of death as Christians are encouraged in their walk through the dark shadows of death into the arms of Jesus.

I am convicted this is one such example and we should take it as such. Thank you for the post.

Prayer today:
Lord, we continue to pray for the families of the miners and for Sago Baptist Church. I pray you will lift them up and that Jesus’ presence will be very evident. I pray that you will guide and keep them under the feathers of your wing. Thank you for the comfort you have given these families and reveal to them your truths as laid for in this note. Lord, we continue to pray for the Christian evangelization efforts that will occur at the Olympics next month and for Christians to stand strong in their faith in this country. Raise up men and women who are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ and who show His love not self righteous anger. I am yours. Will you encourage those reading today to spend time with You in prayer and reading their Bible. May we honor you with our words and actions and open our eyes to help the poor and needy of this world. I am poor and needy for Your word — please continue to speak to me as I seek you with all I am and all I have. Bless all of those who are seeking You today. Amen.

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