His unfailing love

Psalm 33:4-5
“ For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does. The LORD loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love. ”

Who is Jesus to me?

He is faithful even when we are faithless.
He is righteous when we are not right.
He is sure footed when we are not sure.
He is Hope when we are hopeless.
He is Peace when we are unpeaceful.
His is gracious when we are a disgrace.
He is everything while we are nothing.
He is divine and right on time.
We are mortal and out of synch.He is holy, perfect, and a creator
while we are human, imperfect destroyers.He is highly regarded, love imparted, and where love started.
He is independent, resplendent, and heaven sent!
He is the beginning without a beginning and the end without an end.
He is fully divine and yet our friend.
He is beautiful, wonderful, and incredible!
He is Jesus Christ and Worthy of all honor and glory!
Oh the matchless name of Jesus!
by Vicki Davis (that’s me!)

Our hearts and very souls will fail but Jesus’ love is unfailing. He will never fail us! We must hold strong and be faithful. For it is in the midst of the storm that we have our greatest opportunity to witness to others.

He’s never failed me but I’ve failed Him. I’ve failed him by complaining, stressing out, getting angry, being fussy, and being harsh with those I love. I’ve failed him by trying to handle the problem myself without first taking it to Him. I’ve failed Him when I struggle along in my own power instead of taking it to the Power!

There are Christians all over the world fussing about issues that are so away from the central message. They are so lost in theology that they’ve lost their passion for winning souls. I’m sorry!
I’ve gotten to go spend time with some beautiful GA’s tonight. We’re getting ready for camp this weekend and they are so excited. I’m so grateful that God has put my hands to work worth doing. I am passionate about reaching children for Jesus Christ! Adults rarely convert. It is the children who need answers and need help!

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