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Happy Accidents

Today a teacher needed me to watch her class at the last minute. She had an urgent need.

Yet, today I was reminded, sometimes interruptions aren’t interruptions – they are God’s appointment to change lives. This has happened at least twice today.

My students scanned and 3 d printed an apple today in class.
"We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps." Proverbs 16:9, NLV

Proverbs 16:9 is so true. We make our plans. And mine today were:

  • Make sure the 3D printer was working for fifth period so I could keep my promise.
  • Finish grading eighth graders
  • Complete the movie and parent email for the eighth graders

So, when my colleague needed me, she could tell I had some things and asked if it would help to have them in my room. It would! So we worked it out. I’ll admit, I was a bit uptight but decided “no worries, let’s roll.”

Stop for Interruptions

Sometimes interruptions are time wasters, but more often, I’m finding interruptions are the greatest opportunities – like today.

To make a long story very very short — the class I kept third period was the class I was going to have fifth so we got to start early with the 3D printer after they took their test.

What happened during the accident?

With both periods to use, we figured out how to use a 3D scanning app on my phone Qlone 3D Scanner which they then sent to the 3D printer and printed out. (Check out the picture at the top of the post.)

I’ve had many students try this before but these were the first three who made it happen! All because my teacher friend were agreeable and worked together even when we were both a little stressed.

Why do we make a mess when we’re stressed?

What most would view as a negative, our God turned for good – for all of us!

Maybe after we pray in the morning and embark on our day, we should be less eager to have it our way and more eager to follow God’s lead as we work together?

Sometimes the things that happen aren’t interruptions at all, they are the appointments we were meant to have all along.

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