Grace for the Unintentional Sin

The two little boys were almost in tears. They had the same name and were in the same class. When one of their dads came and dropped of his lunch it was mistakenly eaten by the other one who was told it was his. The one who ate the lunch just thought that his dad had surprised him, something he doesn’t have much time to do since he lost his mom a year a go.

When the boys figured it out it was too late.

Fumbling in his pocket, the one who ate the lunch pulled out five dollars and handed it to me. Not enough to pay for the nice lunch from “in town” but it was his effort. I had a free period and went to buy the other boy a lunch. The boy who didn’t get lunch was in tears because he really didn’t like what the lunchroom had that day and his dad had made an extra effort to bring it to him…only he didn’t get it.

The lunch came to $7 and change so I pulled some out of my wallet and paid for it. All the while, I began to think about how this applies to the sin in our lives.

You see, all of the time I hurt people unintentionally. I do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing, or don’t do what I should. All of these “little things” result in a debt that cannot be paid. No matter how much I “cough up” there is not enough to restore the person who I have harmed. Both of us are sorry, but the damage is done, the lunch is eaten.
That is why we need Jesus Christ.

He pays the part of the bill that we cannot. He ministers to the person who was wronged so that they can forgive and have sustenance in life. He ministers to the person who accidentally did the wronging so that they can receive forgiveness no matter how bad they feel. He gives forgiveness and removes hurt. As I looked at those little boys faces I saw just how much hurt and pain there is in this world. Pain just from being human. There was no malice in that situation and the boys were not mad at one another. (How much more pain when it is intentional!) I am thankful I am at a school where I could help make it right by going to the restaurant and getting another meal.

I am thankful that my Savior looked at all of that hurt and “made it right.” I am thankful that He went to the cross to purchase the pardon that I sorely needed to deliver my soul from guilt, condemnation and hurt. How thankful I am that I believe in a Savior who does not make me “work off” a debt that cannot be paid and gives me no assurance that the debt is paid. My Savior forgives and assures me of salvation!

Just like that little boy was sure I was going to return with his lunch (he was waiting outside), I can be sure that Jesus will return in the clouds for me one day! I will be waiting! What a blessing!

2 Corinthians 6:2
For He says:“ In an acceptable time I have heard you,And in the day of salvation I have helped you.” Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.

Finally, I’m sorry that I’ve missed posting this week. There has been so much to do!

I must admit to you, there has also been a commenter on one of my old posts that has zapped some of my energy for posting.

Like the sucker branches on a tree, such things can be a distraction from our purpose. I have put his last comment on there in hopes that perhaps another Christian could come along side. He has linked to this old post and I’m getting quite a bit of traffic on it from who I assume are unbelievers. I have prayed through my answer and feel that I have the answers to his concerns but I hope there are other Christians out there who may want to come along side me.

Among other things he has criticized me for:

  • praying on blogs (questioning my motives)
  • praying for missionaries (they all pray themselves don’t they)
  • praying at all (my prayers are much less important than David or Jesus according to him)
  • praying to Jesus (He has too much to do keeping the planets rotating)

and well, you can read it for yourself. It makes me tired thinking of it.

God has called me to blog. I believe He has called me to prayer blog. I guess we all become shaken sometimes in our calling. I am passionate about missions both in my community, nation, and overseas! I am a nothing and a nobody but I am somebody to Jesus!

On another nother note, the Tuareg missionaries Mr. and Mrs. T have asked that we continue to pray for them. They have several things they would like churches to do in prayer to help them. Please contact me if your church would like to pray and do an emphasis, I can forward you their information!

Lord, today I pray for you to guide our missionaries to the Tuareg, Mr. and Mrs. T. Be with them and encourage them amidst discouraging circumstances. I know that I too get discouraged and feel hopeless. Let me provide for them the encouragement they need to know that they are prayed for and not forgotten by those of us here. Thank you that my church here is growing and you are blessing us. Forgive me for being shaken and strengthen me with your armor. I give myself and this blog to you to prosper or to use in any way you see fit. You know my heart, dear Lord, confound those who would seek to do me harm. Let the things I have known since I was young be firm in my heart each day. I love you, Jesus. In Jesus name. Amen.

3 Comments on “Grace for the Unintentional Sin

  1. Vicki,
    Just keep on praying. Ignore the obnoxious posters….their critical postings show that the Holy Spirit is convicting them of their need for salvation. It is their way of being rebellious against God. One day their blindness will be gone….for the Word tells us that every knee will bow and and every tongue confess that Jesus is LORD.

  2. Mr. Barker,

    First, I’m not sure that “obnoxious” correctly describes me. I think noxious would have been a more apt description. Or perhaps no derogatory adjective at all (seems a bit more Christ like). WWJD?? I think he’d not call me obnoxious while writing my questions off out of hand.

    Do you know that the Holy Spirit is convicting me of my need for salvation? Did an angel on your shoulder tell you that? Is skepticism necessarily indicative of “rebellion against God”?

    The Word does indeed say that “every knee will bow…” but there is no guarantee that will happen in this life, right? Many people die while not on the path of righteousness (Hitler’s “gasoline in a ditch” suicide comes mind). The implication of that scripture is that eventually Jesus will reign supreme, and that even the people burning in hell will see that they were in error.

    So your post can be read like this: “Ignore the idiot, he is not a Christian, and when he’s burning in hell he will find out that you were right.” That’s not very nice.

    The cool-cat asked her fellow Christians for help fending off my questions, not my person. I hope she is not comforted by the thought of me eating crow whilst burning in hell. Are you fit to help her with said questions, or do you just use your bible for whacking people upside the head? (you missed my head, by the way, by miles).

  3. Caustic,

    I have posted an answer for you at the original local at the original post.

    I believe that Jake meant to encourage me and his answer wasn’t directed at you. Jesus does not wish that anyone would perish and neither do I.

    Many of the greatest Christians were skeptics like you at one time, Paul, Augustine, and many more so in that light you have true potential to turn from your sins.

    As for what Jesus said, here is what he said to those who debated Him (who were church members by the way):
    Acts 7:51
    [ Israel Resists the Holy Spirit ] “You stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears! You always resist the Holy Spirit; as your fathers did, so do you.

    You do not reject me or Jake or any other person. We are imperfect humans who mess up all of the time.

    7 For God did not call us to uncleanness, but in holiness. 8 Therefore he who rejects this does not reject man, but God, who has also given[a] us His Holy Spirit.

    1 Thess 4:7-9

    As I have prayed over your questions, I have been reading Luke Chapter 4 and noticed several things about the questions posed to Christ.

    I will not lose my focus on missions and prayer. I will continue to remain misunderstood by you and others who believe as you do and that is OK.

    When I was having each of my three children and almost died (having a 10 pound baby will do that to you) I was completely and totally alone in my pain. As much as my husband and family love me they couldn’t not truly be there with me. It was at that moment, although I have been with Christ all of my life that I felt Him walking me through the valley of the shadow of death.

    And one day when I walk there for good and depart this physical life, He will be there with me more real than you or I or my kids or my dog or cat. More real than I even am.

    If you do not know Him yet, you wouldn’t understand. You can know Him and you can know what it is like to know where you will spend eternity.

    You can debate and dissect my words a thousand ways to Sunday but without faith it is impossible to please God, for anyone who comes to Him must believe that He is and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

    What joy is mine! What peace is mine! What purpose is mine! I am not alone! I am loved! I am forgiven!

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