Crumbs and Quiet

God tells us it is better to have a little food “with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting with strife” (Proverbs 17:1.)

I have to come back to this thought this morning. I had to spend some knee time because there is so much to cook and do, that I am losing my joy and becoming Old Saint Crank. We are going to be a house full of feasting with strife unless something changes.

It will change. You know what? — I have enough desserts for the party Saturday and I’ve given my all — we don’t have to have chocolate pies. I trust my husband’s family will see I’ve given everything and love me anyway. All of this planning and overcooking is turning me into a bear.

I relinquish my idea of perfection and embrace God’s idea of peace. What do you need to just let go? My grandmother used to say “just do your best and let the rough end drag.” Well, I’m going to let the rough end drag! Peace on earth, goodwill to the kids!

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