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A Step in the Right Direction

Many things I’ve disliked or found annoying, I’m so ready to do.

I’m ready to go to the grocery store.

Oh, if I could cook a simple meal for my family. Hey, I’d even be happy to make a sandwich or bring my husband a glass of tea.

I’d love to go weed the garden.
Oh, I’d love to do some laundry and fold and put up the clothes.

I’d even be happy to make my bed.

Serving my family? Oh, I’m so ready. Please, let me!

As I am entering the fifth week of isolation and disability with a broken foot, I’m looking at the world differently. Things I used to dislike now dangle in front of me like a shining jewel I long to own.

Little things like carrying my cereal from the kitchen to the den take a slow steady pace as I roll on my scooter. I cannot drive. I cannot do most things. I have learned how to take a shower on one leg with my foot in a bag. All of these things I do as I protect the foot that is trying to heal

But perhaps something that has best healed is my attitude. I have complained about the wrong things for so long. Being busy. Shopping. Cooking, Chores. All of these things are a gift.

Being able to walk. Drive. Serve. See friends. These are all gifts.

The old saying is “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” and all of these things left me.

Fortunately, I will be able to get it back. Hopefully. That is the plan.

And while I’m not glad I broke my foot, I’m going to have a better attitude and a better life. Every step is a gift.

In October 2020, I had skin cancer surgery and lost two inches of my mouth. While I’m still a tad crooked when I smile or talk, I love the fact I can smile. I appreciate my face and now my friends sometimes tell me every time I smile I’m a miracle and I am.

But now, I have another miracle. Loving the life I have. Loving to serve. Longing to do things to love my family and be independent.

While I’m not glad about having a broken foot, I know Romans 8:28 is true.

Because I had such pain, I’m grateful for each day without it.

Because I cannot walk, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to get back the use of my left foot.

Because I have lived with a disability for six weeks, I don’t have to wait to lose things permanently to appreciate them.

I’ve been given gratitude. Eagerness. Opportunity to appreciate the gifts I have.

And that, my friends, is a step in the right direction.

Romans 8:28 is true! I have repeated this often to myself as I experienced pain and trials and now, more than ever, am convinced it is true.

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